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10/1/2024 Embrace Tradition

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  • Colombia

    Roast: Medium

    This product boasts a unique flavor profile, with notes of dried orange, berry, and chocolate. It is grown by smallholder farmers from Medellin, using varieties such as Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, & Typica. The coffee comes from the Medellin region in Antioquia, Colombia, and is grown at altitudes of 1300-1500 M. The soil type is volcanic loam and the coffee is processed using a fully washed method, followed by solar drying to protect it from rain.


  • Cowboy Blend

    Roast: Dark & Medium Blend

    Our Cowboy Blend offers the perfect balance of dark and medium roast coffee for a rich and flavorful experience. With notes of cocoa, caramel, and vanilla, every sip is a heavenly delight. Indulge in the expertly crafted blend that tantalizes your taste buds. Each cup of Cowboy Blend provides a balanced and indulgent experience, with hints of cocoa, caramel, and vanilla. Made by expert hands, this blend is sure to satisfy any coffee lover's taste buds.

  • French Vanilla

    Roast: Medium

    This rich and creamy vanilla coffee is well rounded and smooth. The silky flavors blend perfectly with this small batch roasted coffee. Indulge in the delicious taste of French Vanilla coffee. It's expertly crafted to give you a creamy and smooth coffee experience. Made with small batch roasted beans, it boasts a perfectly balanced flavor profile that is sure to please your taste buds.

    All of our flavored coffees start as specialty grade single origin coffee roasted in small batches to a smooth medium. Each order is then carefully flavored with high quality flavoring oils* while still warm.

    *Natural Flavoring


  • Italian Roast

    Roast: Dark

    Expertly crafted and slow roasted, our Italian Roast is a blend of specialty grade Arabica and Robusta beans. With a rich and bold flavor profile, this is our darkest roast yet. Enjoy the benefits of a perfectly balanced and robust coffee blend. This bold and rich Italian Roast is the perfect balance of flavor and strength. Crafted by experts, it's slow roasted to perfection, ensuring a robust and satisfying cup of coffee. Experience the benefits of a premium coffee blend, perfectly suited for those who enjoy a bolder, more intense flavor.

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